International Council On Education For Teaching

Objectives and Mission: 

Foster international co-operation in improving the quality of the preparation of teachers, administrators, and other education specialists by means of the development of national, regional and international networks. To promote co-operation between higher education, government and the private sector in order to develop a global network of resources for innovative programmes in international development. To provide an international forum for the exchange of information and examination of issues and problems in educational development. To assist institutions engaged in the preparation of educational personnel to respond to the need for improved facilities, diversified curricula, and alternative and non-traditional educational methods.
Priority issues: Education; preparation of teachers.

General description: 

Develops networks of countries and institutions to help countries gain access to the experience of others. These networks are characterized by: exchange of practical, policy-oriented information about innovation and development among administrators, policy-makers and scholars; training activities for improvement of management and administration of innovative programmes; focus on resolving priority educational problems through international cooperative problem solving; building of sub-networks or consortia of local or regional institutions; links with international organizations. Organizes World Assemblies and regional conferences.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Field of Interest: 
Education, Teacher Education