International Council For Adult Education

Objectives and Mission: 

ICAE’s mission is “to promote lifelong learning as a necessary component for people to contribute creatively to their communities and to live in independent and democratic societies. Adult and lifelong learning are deeply linked to social and economic justice; equality of gender relations; the universal right to learn; living in harmony with the environment; respect for human rights; recognition of cultural diversity; peace; and the active involvement of women and men in decisions affecting their lives.”

General description: 

Strategic Plan comprises 4 advocacy strategies. Programmes (4): Advocacy, Networking and Global Alliances for the Right to Education and Lifelong Learning in the Global Agenda; Governance, Information and Communication; Capacity Building and Training Programmes for ICAE Members and other Stakeholders; Addressing Gender and New Forms of Discrimination. Participates in preparing UNESCO conferences through ICAE Task Force. Annually participates and promotes, at national, regional and international levels, the global Action Week. Established: 1982, J Roby Kidd Trust Fund and Annual Award; 1987, Nabila Breir Trust Fund and Annual Award; Dame Nita Barrow Trust Fund and Annual Award.
ICAE Seventh World Assembly, on the theme : 'Adults' Right to Learn: Convergence, Solidarity and Action', Nairobi, Kenya, 17-19 January 2007.
Organizes international meetings, conferences and workshops, comparative studies, networks and publications.
3 annual awards:
J. Roby Kidd Award
Dame Nita Barrow Award
Nabila Breir Award

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Adult Education, Education, Education for Peace, Gender Equality, Globalization, Indigenous peoples, Literacy, Women