International Christian Organisation Of The Media

Objectives and Mission: 

Change of the name of the organization in 2012 (previous name: International Catholics organization of the media, and former International Catholic Union of the Press) To encourage the presence and support the action of Catholics in the sectors of the press and every form of information. To further the development of Catholic and professional journalism in all countries. To promote and defend the right to freedom of information and opinion. To foster research in professional ethics. Priority issues: Training professionals; development; peace.

General description: 

"Refresher Programme" is one of the most popular programmes of continued formation for journalists, publishers and professors of communication. Summer University is one of the most wanted exposure cum formation programmes which attracts journalists, publishers, professors of communication and all other media professionals. International Media Awards honour outstanding media professionals, publications and institutions throughout the world. World Convention and Congress: The International Network of Young Journalists organises its triennial world convention in conjunction with the UCIP world congress. The first three days of the UCIP congress are set apart for the Network convention. The next World Congress will be held from 9 to 17 October 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Field of Interest: 
Peace, Technical and Vocational Education and Training