International Centre Of Applied Phonetics

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote the teaching of languages and multilingualism.
Fields of activity: Applied phonetics, psycho-linguistic methodology

General description: 

ICAP has developed its activities since 1967 by making contracts with the Belgian Government (l’Administration belge de coopération au développement). Its activities include the training of educators from Central Africa on French teaching and publication of French textbooks. The Centre of Information and Adaptation of Teaching Materials for Africa (CIMADA) set up in 1983 has three functions: (i) Documentation Centre; (ii) reception, information and guidance for foreign students, in particular, African students in Belgium, and for Belgian educators who teach French; (iii) Pedagogical Unit. The activities of the Pedagogical Unit include: (i) French language course for African and other foreign families; (ii) collaboration with different official organizations in the field of research; (iii) contacts with other centres of language education in different countries; (iv) Mons-Monde project; (v) educational development projects in developing countries (creation of a centre of training of language learning in Rwanda, creation of a section of training of bilingual secretaries in
Togo, organization of bilingual classes in Palestine, Viet Nam and Chile); and (vi) advice on adaptability of teaching materials.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Linguistics, Teaching