International Catholic Society For Girls

Objectives and Mission: 

To give complete support to catholic girls living away from their families so that they may develop their full potential. Priority issues: Literacy; education; training; peace; service to young women.

General description: 

Residences for disadvantaged girls, young women in difficulty, school pupils, students, single mothers. Center for life training –literacy, up-grading for school level, languages courses- Pre-professional, professional, social, cultural and religious training –Schools for nursing helpers and social workers- Cultural and Sports Centers- employment bureaus- Employment for au pairs- Continuous assistance for information, listening and counseling- Reception areas in railways stations, coach terminals, air terminals, etc. 100's anniversary of ACISJF Spain, 15 April 2004.
Shelters for young people in difficult circumstances, various training, support and integration of migrants in host station service "Au pair" emergency shelter for youth in big trouble. A search is underway and training projects are being developed to help young mothers minors.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Literacy, Peace, Training, Women, Youth