International Catholic Child Bureau

Objectives and Mission: 

To carry out study, research and documentation work on issues concerning children. To serve Catholic and other international organizations which in different countries work on behalf of children. To represent and defend the interests - particularly the spiritual and moral interests - of children before national and international official bodies. Priority issues: Defence of children’s rights; research and exchange of information.

General description: 

BICE is developing projects as part of four general programmes :
- POLITEA: promotion of children-focused and children's rights policies;
- HOPE: positive approaches and support for particularly vulnerable children;
- RIGHT TO HAPPINESS: prevention and intervention when faced with sexual exploitation and abuse of children;
- HORIZON: alternatives and rehabilitation for children deprived of their freedom.
20 November: World Day of Children's Rights
2008: 60th anniversary of the International Catholic Child Bureau
2005: Participation in the World Social Forum, January
2005, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
2004: the BICE campaign "HORIZON - Enfants privés de liberté". This campaign of information and sensitizing aims to denounce the imprisonment of children, to change the repressive practices against children and to respect their basic rights.
'PLANET HOPE': On 14 May 2004, in all France and Belgium, more than 400 000 young people committed themselves promoting solidarity and hope, by supporting, with sports activities, nine development projects in the world. 2nd World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Yokohama (Japan), 17 to 20 December 2001

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Children, Education, Family, Rights of the child, Women, Youth