International Association For Media And Communication Research

Objectives and Mission: 

The IAMCR is the largest international professional organization in the field of communication research. Established in 1957, the Association has now over 2300 members in some 74 countries.
Mission :
To provide a forum where researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the communication fields can meet and discuss their work
To stimulate interest in communication research
To disseminate information about research results, methods and needs
To encourage research and exchange of information on practices and conditions that impede communication and communication research
To contribute by means of research and dissemination of research results to the training of journalists and other media professionals.

General description: 

Every two years, an International Conference and its General Assembly are held. Between the Conferences, organization of smaller topical meetings, in between. UNESCO and l'IAMCR co-organize the IAMCR's 50th Anniversary from 23 to 25 July 2007 at UNESCO Headquarters. The Conference theme is 'Media, Communication, Information: Celebrating 50 Years of Theories and Practices'. (2005 IAMCR Conference theme : Media Panics: Freedom, Control and Democracy in the Age of Globalisation, 26-28 July 2005, Taipei, Taiwan of China) (2004 IAMCR Conference theme : Communication and Democracy: perspectives for a New World, 25-30 July 2004Porto Alegre, Brazil) (2003 IAMCR Conference cancelled) (2002 IAMCR Conference theme: Intercultural Communication, 21-26 July 2002, Barcelona, Spain)
In cooperation with the International Communication Association, organization of a Symposium in Austin, Texas, in November 2001, about Digital Divide. A similar initiative is scheduled for 2003 at Loughborough (UK).
Cooperation to the organization of the first Spanish and Portuguese Conference on Communication, in Malaga, Spain, May 2001.
Training of journalists and other media professionals
Communication research

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Freedom of expression, Media, Press Freedom, Technical and Vocational Education and Training