International Association Of Conference Interpreters

Objectives and Mission: 

To define, represent and enhance the profession of conference interpreter, in particular by promoting training and research, safeguarding its members’ interests and serving international co-operation by requiring of them a high professional standard and to promote a spirit of confraternity among its members. Priority issues: protection of the profession, training and research, and interpretation.

General description: 

The Association aims to define and to represent the profession of Conference Interpeter, and in particular to improve, by privileging the formation and the research, to safeguard its members's interests and to serve international cooperation by requiring from them a high professional value. Is has to promot a spriti of fellowship between its members.
For that purpose, it proceeds to the admission and to the linguistic classification of its members and watches their respect of the Code of professionnal ethic that it promulgates.
Moreover, the association is empowered to perform its function union negotiating labor agreements governing such working conditions, pay, staffing and welfare of Conference Interpreters with employers in the national or international public sector or non-governmental organization

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Scientific research, Training