International Association Of Charities

Objectives and Mission: 

The promotion and development of the most disadvantaged persons and the fight against poverty and material, physical, moral and spiritual suffering.
Priority issues: The fight against poverty, the education and training of marginalized women, help in schooling, social reintegration of marginalized people, support for families in difficulty, food co-operatives, old people’s clubs.

General description: 

Operational Guidelines 2007 – 2009:
1. Strengthen the responses to the poverty of women
2. Accompany women in their own responsible development
3. ive the entire society a sense of responsibility.
Activities between 2002 and 2004:
- 1747 woman promotion projects (fight against violence projects, vocational training, information on their rights, generating incomes);
- 438 educational and training projects (constructions of schools, fellowships, vocational training programmes, literacy programmes, libraries);
- 440 economic activity generating incomes projects (micro-credits, food co-operatives, breedings of smaller live-stock);
- 395 food and nutrition projects (Struggle against Hunger, canteens);
- 978 health improvement projects (AIDS, distribution of medicine, prevention centres against alcoholism and drug);
-1873 projects for elderly (personal care);
- 433 projects for migrants (training, social integration);
- 2510 social integration or reintegration projects;
- 549 community development projects (help to excluded communities);
- 935 supportive welcome projects(for elderly, orphans);
- 7120 proximity and support projects (to the benefit of elderly, orphans, the sick, lepers, drug addicts...).
Courses on elimination of illiteracy. Construction of schools.
FEM (Femmes en Mouvement) Project.
Project concerning the access to employment of the vulnerable groups.
Since 1997, AIC engaged in a process to fight against violence towards women.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Field of Interest: 
Human rights, Poverty, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Women's Education