International Academy Of People's Diplomacy

Objectives and Mission: 

The International Academy of People's Diplomacy was created on the initiative of a number of known politicians, statespersons, diplomats, scientists, artists, religious personalities, business representatives, etc.
The Academy was formed with the aim of promoting ideological, scientific and cultural unification of people and organizations for cooperation in society and preservation of peace between states and nations; increasing the moral and ethical nurturing; improving the socio-economical standards of life; strengthening the respect for the religious convictions; fighting all forms of racism, extremism and terrorism and preventing the defying of acknowledged human values.

General description: 

The Academy organizes its work through the following functional divisions:
Science and education;
Culture and art;
Ecological safety;
Interreligious stability;
New technologies and manufacture development;
Advancement of young talents.
Organization of conferences, meetings, roundtables, etc.; establishment of networks (i.e. international associations of women in Russia and Iran, association of wives of ambassadors of the African countries, etc.); charitable activities; creation of the International Center of People's Diplomacy in Pushkinskie Gory, the purpose of which is the advancement of Russian and culture in the CIS countries and abroad.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Diversity, Culture of Peace, Education, Peace