Inter-American Organization For Higher Education

Objectives and Mission: 

Promote cooperation among member institutions; foster development of higher education in the Americas; encourage pooling of resources to improve quality of higher education; serve as a network of partners supporting inter-American university cooperation; provide a vision of the Americas based on solidarity and mutual assistance, search for dialogue, respect for differences and freedom of thought.

General description: 

Works in the areas of: university management; scientific cooperation linked to socio-economic development; production and dissemination of information on higher education; development of communication networks for teaching and research. Supports activities of member institutions and different cooperation programmes, including: (1) Institute of University Management and Leadership - supports development of the Inter-American Common Area of Higher Education, and includes online courses, on-site training; academic stays and institutional projects; (2) College of the Americas, a network of Inter-American Training Networks (RIF) of university consortia that offer joint academic programmes providing an Inter-American, interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective concerning themes of regional interest. The RIFS include: -Women, Gender and Equitable Development; -Social Determinants of Health; -Environmental Management and Eco-Tourism; -Education and Telematics; -Training of Trainers in Indigenous Education; -Connectivity of University Libraries; -Electronic Governance; -Teacher Training; -Governance and Human Rights; -Governance and Democracy; -The Internationalization of Higher Education; -Language Training; -Science and Technology. (3) CAMPUS - channels institutional strengths of IOHE and those of members, and aims to build common areas of higher education. Strategic aims: Latin American and Caribbean Common Area of Higher Education (ELES); Collaborative Doctoral Programme and Research Incubator Areas (CDPRI); Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 at the IOHE; Spirit and Values in the 21st Century University. (4) Intercampus - Inter-American Space for Mobility and Academic Exchange, aims to facilitate the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean Area of Higher Education (ELES) Awards Inter-America Prize to personalities who have distinguished themselves either by supporting American cooperation activities or by helping to establish close cultural ties among different American countries. Has initiated several networks that have subsequently become autonomous: Education about the Amazon (EDAMAZ); Inter-American Centre for Studies on Water Resources; Inter-American Distance Education Consortium (CREAD); Red Interamericana para el Mejoramiento de la Calidad Ambiental. Organizes: Congress (every 2 years); Meeting on Collaborative Doctoral Programmes and Research Incubators.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Higher Education, University, Youth