Institute Of Cultural Affairs International

Objectives and Mission: 

The Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) is an international network of autonomous national organizations dedicated to addressing poverty, conflict and injustice by facilitating the role of culture in human development. Its mission is to advocate for and actualize the fundamental right of all peoples to define and shape their own futures, in order to realize sustainable and just solutions to human challenges. ICAI implements programmes in support of its mission, and contributes to policy development within international and national contexts by sharing the experiences, values, and lessons of the members at the national and local levels.

General description: 

ICAI coordinate programmes and initiatives through training and capacity building initiatives through networking and interchange among its members. Member national ICAs create and implement community development and training programmes, as well as engage in policy research and development. Included in their activities are sustainable development projects, educational research, youth and women’s programmes, health and environment initiatives, group facilitation courses, leadership training, and events to share knowledge and best practices. Their areas of focus include HIV/AIDS, Women’s empowerment, Sustainable Forest Management, and Youth engagement. The Institute of Cultural Affairs International also organizes the quadrennial Global Conference on Human Development.

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Field of Interest: