Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

The Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation (IHCN-F) aims to bring together Indian historic cities and towns on a common platform to share experiences and good practices for sustainable development and conservation of the cultural heritage of India. In particular, IHCN-F is interested in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of sustainable development and urban regeneration, based on respect and concern for the cultural and natural resources, local character, cultural identity, social networks, living traditions, crafts and creativity as driving forces for the generation of employment and the alleviation of city poverty.

General description: 

- Documentation and communication: setting up of a cultural knowledge databank for cities of urban heritage and conservation; - web portal: establishing an electronic communication network facilitating partnerships and knowledge exchange, both in India and abroad; - public campaigns: organization of seminars, workshops, exhibitions , field trips, etc. for local communities, and partnering with heritage festivals; - publications: newsletter “In–heritance”, information brochures, etc.; - technical assistance: providing technical expertise to cities in developing strategies for adapting existing state and municipal planning, legal and regulatory frameworks for heritage protection and conservation; assistance in planning interventions for heritage-based sustainable and balanced urban development; - conduct research, develop tools and methods, prepare manuals, guidelines, tool-kits and other material.

Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Culture, Networks