General Arab Women Federation

Objectives and Mission: 

The General Arab Women Federation (GAWF) worked actively with its member organizations, representing the Arab women in the Middle East. To defend Arab women’s rights, improve their status and strengthen their resources to take part in the building of society, to fight for the establishment of just peace and support national liberation movements and resistance to all forms of racial discrimination, to promote co-operation among Arab women, to increase the cultural and political awareness of Arab women, to enhance women’s role in the family and their responsibilities for bringing up their children, to educate women in their rights and train them to exercise their rights, to take part in the economic and social process in society in co-operation with other organizations and to help Arab women overseas maintain their national identity and link them with the homeland so that they may perform their role in the orientation of public opinion. Priority issues: women, the struggle against all forms of discrimination, education and peace.The GAWF focused on raising awareness on the political changes in the Arab world and its negative impact on all facets of life

General description: 

Has set out and monitors a strategy on the basis of the ['Nairobi Forward-looking Strategies up to the Year 2000'], defining general objectives relating to developing society and specific concerns on conditions and specificities of women. Has conducted a survey to identify obstacles to this strategy and drawn up a plan of action for Arab women's organizations 1994-2000. Organizes conferences, meetings and fora. Set up a Training Centre for Women Leaders, which includes an Information Centre.

Country Presence: 
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Education, Peace, Women