Fundacion Celeste

Objectives and Mission: 

Fundación Celeste is a cultural institution that promotes sports, supports sports programmes and uses sports as a tool for social development. Specific purposes are: (i) to promote the integration of national and international networks of schools and sports centers that favor alternative educational projects for the promotion of basic literacy of boys, girls and adolescents; (ii) to raise funds to create, promote and support spaces for sport and recreational activities, through the interaction; (iii) to raise funds for scholarships to be applied in teacher education.

General description: 

• Organization and participation in forums, seminars and training courses; • development of infrastructure for sport and recreational activities (materials or human resources) in suburban and rural areas; • donation of sport goods and equipment; • collaboration in research project on impact of children’s football schools oriented to the social inclusion; • teaching and recreational practice of games and sports to rural schools; • publications (books, booklets), production of audiovisual material.

Field of Interest: