French-Speaking Radio And Television International Council

Objectives and Mission: 

Founded in 1978 to bring together all radio and television associations using French partly or exclusively in their national or regional programmes
To promote the role of radio and television as a driving force for development in the service of the community
To help its members perform their social, cultural and educational mission by encouraging the cooperation between channels, in particular through exchanges, co-productions, mutual help and assistance in the fields of management, production, technical services and staff training
To help make the particular features, cultures and aspirations of all countries where its members produce and broadcast their programmes better known, appreciated and respected.

General description: 

Training in digital technology for broadcasting professionals
Development of post-production units
Exchanges of radio and television programmes, television programme bank
Introduction of new technologies
SEFOR (training seminar) has for priority objective to propose a meeting place to professionals of 44 radios and televisions of the South and the North.

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Culture, Developing countries, French-speaking, Media, Radio, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Television, Youth