Foundation For Unesco - Education For Children In Need

Objectives and Mission: 

The Foundation has been established to continue and expand the work accomplished by its founder, Ms Ute-Henriette Ohoven, as UNESCO’s Special Ambassador for the Education of Children in Need. Its purpose is the direct and sustained promotion of education and satisfaction of basic needs of children and adolescents in particularly difficult circumstances, including street children, children who are exploited, disabled and affected by conflict and natural disasters. The Foundation works in line with UNESCO’s constitutional goals, and in cooperation with UNESCO and the German Commission for UNESCO to identify suitable projects, provide financial support and assess their effectiveness and impact. The implementation of such projects is entrusted as a rule to UNESCO’s field offices or National Commissions, in close collaboration with qualified local organizations.

General description: 

In the 10 years leading up to the establishment of the Foundation, funding has been provided for 189 projects in more than 80 countries: 39 in the Africa region, 24 in the Arab States, 28 in Asia and the Pacific, 58 in Europe (mainly in countries in transition), and 40 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Field of Interest: 
Education, Human rights, Nutrition, Refugees