Forum Internazionale Delle Donne Del Mediterraneo

Objectives and Mission: 

The main purpose of IMWF is to further cooperation and the interchange of experience between women of the Mediterranean countries in order to propose and carry out sustainable solutions for the effective improvement of women's condition at a global level and more specifically throughout the Mediterranean and Balkans.Consolidate an action platform for NGOs and women's groups in the Mediterranean region inspired by, and based on the recommendations of the United Nations and UNESCO, the IMWF; 
establishes contacts among women, especially with Mediterranean peoples and communities in order to encourage dialogue and cooperation projects;
finds and improves synergies between local, national or international institutions and civil society, in particular Associations;
promotes the study and development of regional and international research in the Mediterranean region in order to contribute towards a better knowledge of the female condition within the economic, professional, social, political and cultural context throughout the region;
develops concrete conclusions and effective proposals.

General description: 

The IMWF achieves its objective through: organization of international meetings; networks of local and national associations; documentation centres; organization of artistic, cultural and social events; active participation in programmes and initiatives supported by the UN and it agencies, in particular UNESCO.The IMWF organises International Conferences, every two years.The Conferences deal with the thorny topic of the plight of Mediterranean women, in relation to contemporary issues, from an international UNESCO prospective.The IMWF also organizes seminars and training courses. 

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Development, Gender Equality, Mediterranean, Women