Forest Peoples Programme

Objectives and Mission: 

Forest Peoples Programme supports the rights of peoples who live in forests and depend on them for their livelihoods. FPP works to:
create political space for forest peoples to secure their rights, control their lands and decide their own futures, 
get the rights and interests of forest peoples recognised in laws, policies and programmes,
support forest peoples to build their own capacities to claim and exercise their human rights, 
counter top-down policies and projects that threaten the rights of forest peoples, 
promote community-based sustainable forest management,
ensure equity, counter discrimination and promote gender justice,
inform NGO actions on forests in line with forest peoples’ visions, 
link up indigenous and forest peoples’ movements at the regional and international levels.

General description: 

The FPP supports forest peoples in South and Central America, Africa, and Asia to secure their rights, build up their own organisations and negotiate with governments and companies.It works in three main areas, providing comprehensive support to forest peoples organizations in the fields of legal and human rights, financial institutions policies and procedures, and enviromental governence including community mapping, territorial management and customary sustainable use.
In terms of legal & human rights, the FPP provides technical legal and related assistance to help forest peoples tackle racial and cultural discrimination.FPP assists forest peoples to challenge violations of their rights, promote alternatives, including through legislative and other reforms, and pursue legal cases through the courts and international bodies.
Regarding the environmental governance, the FPP supports indigenous people in advocating  for recognition of land and resource rights with local and national authorities.With support of FPP, they research to what extent international guidelines and agreements on protected areas related to indigenous peoples’ rights are being put into practice at international, national and local levels, and advocate for national reforms in protected area policies. 
In the area of climate change mitigation , the FPP advocacy aims to ensure that all international funding for forests and climate change mitigation and adaptation is accountable to indigenous peoples and other local rights holders who depend on forests for their lives, livelihoods and way of life. Activities target international funds and policy processes and also provide support to local partners seeking to influence the formulation of national policies on forest and climate issues.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Climate, Human rights, Indigenous peoples