Fondazione Idis Citta Della Scienza

Objectives and Mission: 

The main objective of IDIS is to generate a virtuous process of scientific education, a continuous training and a state of creation and stimulation of new job opportunities as well as social and economic growth of population, both with direct action and in partnership with other actors.Its mission is to promote scientific culture and work for a sustainable economic and social development.

General description: 

The IDIS founded and managed Città della Scienza, a 65,000 sqm Science Centre in Naples. FIts main functions are: 
Education and scientific communication, through the activities of the Science Centre such as exhibitions, scientific demonstrations, events with experts, guided visits, research and activities for stimulating innovation in science teaching and communication;
Business start-up and local development through its Business Innovation Centre to support local authorities and organizations in the field of business creation and to promote social participation in development processes;
Conference and congress services and facilities.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Art, Human Sciences, Sciences