Fondation Leopold Sedar Senghor

Objectives and Mission: 

To preserve and enrich the cultural heritage. To encourage the development and ensure the promotion of culture and the arts. To promote dialogue and the joint cultural development of nations. To preserve and enrich the African cultural heritage, and to encourage, in Africa, the development of higher education, research and culture; to assist the training of professionals engaged in research and higher education through the awarding of study fellowships, and to cooperate with similar institutions and foundations in certain operations that provide a model for emulation and in the various fields of research on art, literature and the human sciences and, finally, to contribute to the establishment of a climate of international understanding and cooperation.

General description: 

organization of conferences, symposia, seminars. organization of exhibitions. organization of workshops on artistic creation and writing. awarding of fellowships and the allocation of financial assistance. presentation of prizes and awards to researchers, writers and artists. Allocation of fellowships and grants for research, further training and training courses, publication of magazines, organization of international symposia and publication of theses and essays. During the six-year period 1998-2003 the Foundation was engaged in many different activities, principally focusing on the development of culture through the organization of symposia, and on their promotion at the international level, through the establishment of an international prize bearing the name of President Senghor, open to writers from all continents, the launch of literary competitions with the establishment of poetry and short-story prizes in order to discover as yet unpublished talent, participation in meetings of Senegalese and foreign poets (Africa, North America, Latin America and Europe), the staging of a ‘tableau vivant’ and, finally, encouraging secondary-school pupils to acquire a greater knowledge of African literature. In view of the paucity of its resources, the Foundation has suspended the granting of scholarships for higher education and provides a number of modest grants on an ad hoc basis. It is firmly committed to improving the publication of the half-yearly magazine Ethiopiques.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Culture