Federation Internationale Des Professeurs De Langues Vivantes

Objectives and Mission: 

Promote the teaching and learning of languages so as to facilitate and improve communication, understanding, cooperation and friendly relations among all peoples; develop, support and promote policies to diversify the languages taught, to improve the quality of language teaching and to make this teaching available to all; develop continuity and cohesion of multilingual education in primary, secondary, further, higher and adult education; improve professional training and development of future and practising language teachers in all sectors of education; help and advise on the founding of professional associations of language teachers; coordinate and develop the work of member associations; encourage members of different language associations in the same country to cooperate with each other to promote the teaching of languages and language policy based on principles of multilingualism; support nationally and represent internationally the views of member associations; provide a vehicle of international solidarity for language teachers from different world regions.

General description: 

Organizes: congress (every 3 years); international workshops; colloquia.
Undertakes research on the role of associations in pre- and in-service training of language teachers.
Working Groups (3):
Teaching Material and Methods of Modern Language Teaching;
Teaching of Immigrants;
Intercultural Relations.

Major projects:
Multilingual education through compact courses;
Study of the relationship between modern language curricula in schools and the world of work, including industry, business, commerce and the professions;
Foreign language teaching in Europe - exploring new modes of in-service professional development for teachers, profiting from the wide diversity of contexts and approaches to language teaching in Europe.
Other projects include: Language Associations and Collaborative Support - Empowering Language Professionals (funded by ECML); Lucide (Languages in Urban Communities) Integration and diversity for Europe (EC-funded).

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural identity, Education, Languages, Teacher Education