Federation Internationale Des Musiciens

Objectives and Mission: 

Unite musicians' unions of various countries into one global organization to protect and elevate the economic, social and artistic status and interests of musicians, both in their role as performers and as producers of the recording of their own performances.

General description: 

Encourages and assists organization of musicians into musicians' unions in all countries and unites musicians' unions throughout the world; increases and strengthens international collaboration between musicians' unions; protects members of the profession against illicit use of their performances, recorded or otherwise; promotes national and international protective legislation; enters into agreements with other international organizations; encourages non-national musicians to observe and respect the minimum rates and conditions of the country in which they are working; obtains and compiles statistical and other information in reference to the profession and provides such information to member unions; secures legal regulation of profit-making employment agencies for musicians; assists member unions to overcome visas, work permits and other difficulties that might be experienced when working abroad; provides moral and material support for member unions; promotes music as a heritage common to all people; holds international congresses and conferences.

Country Presence: 
Equatorial Guinea
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Copyright, Music, Trade union