European Peace University

Objectives and Mission: 

To spread the idea of peace, in the spirit of UNESCO. To give scientific and educational support to peace-building in Europe as inspired by the CSCE process. To promote a ‘world development policy’ based on sustainable development, co-operative responsibility and ecological security. To contribute to the development of a global peace culture. To train and improve individual capacities in peace-making and conflict resolution.
Priority issues: peace, development, education.

General description: 

Programmes: MA in Peace and Conflict Studies; Certificate Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies; MA in European Peace and Security Studies; Certificate Programme in European Peace and Security Studies; MA in Peacebuilding; Certificate Programme in Peacebuilding; Module Programmes in Peace and Conflict Studies; European Peace and Security Studies and in Peacebuilding. Study programmes link teaching and research by lectures, seminars and independent study projects.

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Development, Environment, Peace, Teaching, Youth