Building peace in the minds of men and women

European Law Students' Association

Objectives and Mission: 

To foster, establish and develop mutual understanding, co-operation and personal contacts among law students and young jurists from different State and legal systems, thus equipping them for professional life in an international environment. To contribute to law teaching, so as to further mutual understanding and enhance the social responsibility of law students and young jurists. Priority issues: Legal sciences; research and teaching.

General description: 

Provides opportunities for law students and young lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation; assists them to be internationally minded and professionally skilled; encourages them to act for the good of society. Academic Activities (AA): essay competitions; Studies Abroad Programme; legal research groups; Moot Court Competitions; Lawyers at Work Events (L(at)W Events). Seminars and conferences (S and C): seminars; conferences; lectures and panel discussions; law schools and study visits. Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) provides traineeships to law students and young lawyers, and aims to contribute to legal education and mutual understanding by finding traineeships abroad, receiving trainees and evaluating procedures.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Education, Education for Peace, Human rights, Law, Teaching, Youth