European Bureau For Lesser Used Languages

Objectives and Mission: 

To conserve and promote the lesser used autochthonous languages of the European Union, together with their associated cultures. Priority issues: Linguistic heritage and linguistic rights

General description: 

EBLUL makes every effort to achieve its aims by: Providing EU institutions with any information, documentation or draft documents to develop activities for the defence and promotion of regional and minority languages, as reported by the Member State Committees; Disseminating information to the linguistic minority communities about policies and activities carried out by the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EU Council of Ministers and the Council of Europe; Providing expertise to linguistic minorities on particular problems and servicing the communities' needs, particularly in seeking partners, contacting the European institutions and providing adequate information, specifically on examples of good practice; Organising seminars, conferences and other meetings. European Day of Languages: Events held across Europe to celebrate linguistic diversity, 26th September 2005

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Endangered Languages, Languages