European Association For The Education Of Adults

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote the development of adult education; to encourage cooperation in adult education at a European level;
To lobby international bodies so that they adopt plans and policies which respond to the needs of the adult population in Europe;
To make it easier for non-governmental organizations to work together and play an active role in the new international scene.

General description: 

Acts as an advocate for adult learning and for NGOs working in this field; supports members and their networks; develops thinking about the nature and importance of adult learning and about ways to improve the range and quality of opportunities; promotes shared learning through exchange of information, knowledge and experience among members; organizes information seminars and awareness raising activities about EU programmes and policy development; organizes training about sources of European funding for adult learning; cooperates with other organizations.
EAEA works on the basis of a transnational work plan, divided into different areas such as international strategies to develop adult education, training adult educators, promotion of education to older people. Any one of these areas has projects of research, training or transnational work with a coordinator in charge and the support of the associate membership. The Association promotes its own initiatives and the projects of its member organizations and participates in the initiatives of other organizations. EAEA also operates as an advocate to promote new initiatives, lobbying policy-makers to prepare policies suited to the needs of the adult populations in an increasingly unified Europe.
EAEA is annually awarding a Grundtvig Award for an outstanding product/project result in Adult Learning.

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Adult Education, Education