European Academy Of Arts, Sciences And Humanities

Objectives and Mission: 

European organization, the EAASH chooses its members among the national or international academies and winners of great international prices. It currently gathers 60 Nobel Prize-winners and 300 members of national academies and 50 national academies, from 54 countries.
To contribute to the maintenance of peace by encouraging collaboration among nations in education, science, arts and humanities, without distinction of race, gender, language, religion or political preference
To play a complementary role to that of UNESCO by working with it as well as with other national or international bodies.

General description: 

Organization of symposia, seminars and workshops in the field of science; biomedical research; publication of the proceedings of workshops and meetings, activity reports on networks. The Academy is also involved in establishing a network of academies of Mediterranean countries.
Organizations of UNESCO-European Academy Joint Committee; Network of Academies of Mediterranean Countries; L'homme contre les virus (M. Kouzminov, UNESCO/VENISE) ; University and Health Development - international project; annual international symposium; international meetings; expert committees.
Annual International Symposium organized in: Paris, France (1999), Bruxelles, Belgium (2000), Trieste, Italy (2001), Carthage, Tunisia (2002), Paris, France (2003).

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Art, HIV/AIDS, Sciences