Education International

Objectives and Mission: 

Education International unites all teachers and education employees and its principal aims are: to further the cause of organizations of teachers and other education employees; to promote status, interests and welfare of members and defend their trade union and professional rights; to promote peace, democracy, social justice, equality and application of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights through development of education and collective strength of teachers and education employees; to seek and maintain recognition of trade union rights of workers in general and of teachers and education employees in particular.

General description: 

Programmes organized according to 5 priorities:
Protect education against crisis: Protect (public) education systems, teachers, other education employees, students and children against the negative effects of the debt and economic crises and the implementation of detrimental market mechanisms.
Counter de-professionalization trends: Promote the status of the teaching profession, improve professional standards and terms and working conditions, and counter de-professionalization trends.
Confront attacks on education unions: Confront attacks on education unions and their members, particularly with respect to freedom of association, collective bargaining rights and professional freedoms.
Pursue the rights and equality agenda: Challenge the erosion of democratic and social values, and address gender inequality, racial intolerance and xenophobia through the promotion of human rights, equality and trade union rights for sustainable societies.
Strengthen member organisations: Strengthen and mobilise EI and its member organisations in the light of the above challenges and priorities.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Child labour, Development, Education, Education for Peace, Equal opportunities, Gender Equality, Girl Child, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Literacy, Persons with Disabilities, Poetry, Pre-primary school, Racism, Teaching, Trade union, Women