Dhaka Ahsania Mission

Objectives and Mission: 

Develop the [social] and [spiritual] life of the entire human community; annihilate the distinction between human beings; render all possible help to the [suffering] of humanity at large.

General description: 

Works in the areas of education, livelihood development, health and human rights and social justice, with environment and gender as cross-cutting issues. Organizes: training; workshops; seminars. Develops materials. On-going field programmes: ['Education'] - Early Childhood Care and Development; Non-formal Education for the Out of School Children; Literacy and Continuing Education for Adults; Provision for Life Long Learning through Ganokendra (Community Learning Centre); Community Capacity Building. ['Livelihood Development'] - Poverty Alleviation; Technical Vocational Education and Training; Micro-Finance; Agriculture Diversification; Disaster Preparedness and Management. ['Health'] - Health Awareness and Primary Health Care; Water and Sanitation; Drug Addiction Prevention, Control and Treatment; HIV/AIDS Prevention. ['Human Rights'] - Child Labour and Child Rights; Prevention of Child and Women Trafficking; Awareness Creation and Legal Aid. ['Other'] - Environment Protection; Climate Change.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Gender Equality, Higher Education, Human rights, Literacy, Peace, Women