Development Innovations And Networks

Objectives and Mission: 

Created in 1980 to be an international service for information, exchange and support, Development Innovations and Networks is an international association of individuals (250 members) in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America and in the North. It is also an international and global network of 1000 partners: local and regional networks: peasant groups, craftsmen, youth, woman's and urban groups, cooperatives, NGO's and other voluntary associations. Since the year 2001, IRED.ORG has been created as a support Agency of the IRED networkd on Internet. Mission: To facilitate South-South/North/East exchanges of experience and communication among grassrootes associations To help in the creation and development of the local and international networks, unions and group federations To organise directly or through it's partners, technical support in the following fields : training, leadership, management/organization, appropriate technologies, alternative financing, lobbing and negotiations.

General description: 

Creation of a methodology for technology transfer exhanges and follow-up, creation of enterprises and increased employment.
Development of available resources and settin up of alternative financing systems.
Information-gathering from development centres in the North for the benefit of partners in the South.
NFODOC, resource centre and data bank for the leaders of development, working on the ground in the South to give them access to the essential information they need for their work.
The World Social Forum (WSF), January 31st-February 5th 2002, Porto Alegre (Brasil)(2nd WSF), and Mumbai, Kenya, 2004. A Master in Microfinance (March-November 2002), Milano, by CIPSI, in cooperation with italian Universities

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Field of Interest: 
Companies, Databases, Developing countries, Information services, Networks, Poverty, Training