Cultures Du Monde

Objectives and Mission: 

Its aims are to preserve, use and disseminate traditional and popular cultures as defined by UNESCO, promote research and the safeguarding and promotion of intangible heritage, promote the living expression of cultures, foster exchanges nationally among French traditional and popular culture associations and encourage exchanges among them and with international partners in a spirit of culture and peace.

General description: 

ANCT is now a multidisciplinary cultural centre linking tourism, the heritage, culture, traditions and artistic creativity; it promotes meetings and artistic expression relating to cultural diversity and intangible cultural heritage. ANCT thus takes action in the field of culture throughout the year and on several fronts, such as concerts, workshops, international cooperation programmes, shows, art residencies, internships and international meetings. The association has accordingly established a Knowledge and Popular Arts School (Ecole des Savoirs et des Arts Populaires) which is a hub for transmitting and raising artistic awareness of traditional skills and arts such as dance, sculpture, basketry, smithy, masks and tales.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Diversity, Culture, Intangible Heritage