Consejo Latinoamericano De Ciencias Sociales

Objectives and Mission: 

The Council aims at promoting and developing research and training in Social Sciences; as well as strengthening exchange and cooperation among organizations and researchers from in and outside the region. It further encourages active dissemination of the knowledge produced by social scientists among social movements, popular organizations and civil society entities. Through such activities CLACSO helps rethink the issues related to Latin American and Caribbean societies, from a critical and pluralistic approach.

General description: 

CLACSO activities cover 3 areas: Academic Area - brings together a set of initiatives and programs specifically aimed at encouraging research, and training of researchers in the field of Social Sciences. Besides, all its actions tend to create debate and exchange spaces whichh foster a pluralistic and rigurous approach to the main topics which comprehended by contemporary social research, the development of new disciplinary fields, and innovation regarding languages and means of dissemination of the academical production in Social Sciences. International Relations Area - promotes CLACSO's international participation in different instances for Social Sciences exchange and cooperation. It has an essential role in facilitating the Council's international insertion, and that of its Member Centers, by means of several activities managed jointly with institutions and scholars from both the North and the South. Information and Documentation Area - CLACSO created an Online Libraries Network which operates in a cooperative, decentralized manner, and respectful of the open access philosophy. Such network aims at increasing the impact of said production on education, research, social actors and society as a whole.

Country Presence: