Confederacion Mundial De Educacion Privada

Objectives and Mission: 

COMEP aims to defend and promote the interests and the values of private education in the world. COMEP mains objectives are:
 to promote the full enjoyment of the right to education, ensuring pluralism and the right of the parents to choose the type of education their children will receive;
to foster the growth and improvement of education in all countries, both in scope and with regard to institutional excellence and service effectiveness;
 to uphold and defend the Human Right to education and cultural expression, with freedom to choose the Institution and educational system which best responds to individual convictions;
  to support and preserve the creation and existence of private educational entities;
 to encourage the creation of federations and associations of private entities in all countries to act as an integrating body, with absolute respect for their autonomy;
to foster the professionalism and permanent development of teachers who work for the private sector.

General description: 

To guarantee the achievement of its objectives, the COMEP:
sponsors meetings, workshops, congresses, conferences, symposia and many other academic activities related to educational issues;
fosters the exchange of educational administrators, institutions, teachers, and students among countries, in order to carry out studies and research aimed to strengthening international integration;
promotes the exchange of knowledge and skills, plans and programs, methodologies, technologies and educational experiences in general, as well as the exchange of rules and regulations concerning these items, by providing proposals and information to national education systems;
fosters the establishment of national legislation aimed to ensuring the Integration of institutions of private education in every country;
supports, publishes and implements prevention and public-service campaigns connected to the issues of education and culture.

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Education, Human rights