Community Of Mediterranean Universities

Objectives and Mission: 

Leading higher education NGO in the Mediterranean region, the CMU gathers 163 universities belonging to all the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and upholds 20 schools which cover many different topics.
To reaffirm and develop the role and function of culture and technological and scientific research in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin
To promote scientific co-operation among the Mediterranean Universities
To set up permanent links among the above-mentioned universities through the reciprocal exchange of scientific and cultural experience and information of teaching staff and students
Internationalisation and academic mobility for higher education members
Training, research and standardisation of diplomas

General description: 

PEACE programme providing fellowships to the Palestinian students
Organization of "Mediterranean University course"
Creation of the Mediterranean Prize (biennial) awarded to personalities from the world of research and culture (In 1996, the Award was presented to the Director-General of UNESCO)
International Prize "Nutrition within the Mediterranean" co-sponsored by the Municipality of Corato (Italy) and CMU;
Work commissions for: Natural Sciences and Health, Technology, Economic and Juridical Sciences, Communication, Education, Human Sciences and Arts

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Higher Education, Mediterranean, Sciences, Training, UNESCO Chair, University, Women