Club Of Rome

Objectives and Mission: 

Foster understanding of the interdependent economic, political, natural and social components comprising the [global system]; bring this new understanding to the attention of [policy-makers] and the public worldwide; promote new policy initiatives and action; identify a new class of social problems and provide the language, methods and success criteria appropriate for their solution.

General description: 

Research and studies; international initiatives. Projects on: the Predicament of Mankind; Limits to Growth, consisting of publications, conferences, symposia, includes concern on: governability; work, occupation and global society; cost of global poverty. Programme: A New Path for World Development - research activities and events on climate change, energy, growth, social transformation and security. Instrumental in setting up: Fondation Forum Humanum Benelux; Foundation Reshaping the International Order, also referred to as [Rio Foundation].

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Ethics, Human rights, New technologies of information and communication