Building peace in the minds of men and women

Cisv International

Objectives and Mission: 

Formerly known as the “International Association of Children’s International Summer Villages” (CISV) CISV aims to stimulate the lifelong development of mutual intercultural respect, promote education in international understanding, as well as develop the capacity for cooperation among children and youth. One of the underlying purposes of CISV is to prepare individuals to become active as contributing members of a peaceful society. CISV also encourages the development of effective communication skills, cooperative abilities and appropriate leadership towards a just and fair world. Moreover, it endeavours to further education in international understanding of children throughout the world without distinction of race, religion or politics so that they may grow to maturity, conscious of their responsibilities. Non-formal education, peace education programmes, summer camps, international youth meetings, intercultural exchanges, youth activities and training of young people.

General description: 

Organization of multilanguage camps (Village), of four-week duration, for children of 11 years old.
Programme of interchange for children between 12 and 15. This programme encourages a deeper understanding of another culture by enabling young people to live as family members. 
Organization of Summer Camps of three-week duration for children betwwen 13 and 15. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme.
Organization of Seminar Camps for young people of 17-18 years old of three-week duration.
Organization of short regional theme camps focussing on providing an opportunity for young people to explore important intercultural issues.

Country Presence: 
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Education for Peace, Training, Youth