Building peace in the minds of men and women

China Folklore Photographic Association

Objectives and Mission: 

CFPA's philosophy is to enhance national solidarity and social harmony, arouse national pride of Chinese culture, explore, preserve, study the changing and vanishing folk customs, and carry forward them through photography. In order to protect the human cultural heritage and promote understanding and communication between different nations.
To promote stability and social harmony; to strengthen people’s confidence and pride in their native cultures, as well as fully inherit Chinese cultural heritage; to enhance communication and understanding of human beings, and to propel peace and development. To strengthen research and improve folklore photography; to organize members to collect and shoot the folk custom throughout China; collect folklore photographs, hold exhibitions and publish the works of members; establish and enrich the China Folklore Photo Library; hold international researches and cultural exchanges.

General description: 

Humanity Photo Awards(HPA) is an international photographic contest on the subject of folk-custom organized by CFPA once every two years.
CFPA organizes photography trainings; exchange visits and edits textbooks. It plays a key role in events such as photo competitions, exhibitions, festivals and has improved its website to propagate folklore photography. Focusing on the electronic folklore photo library and containing nearly 10,000 photographs around the world, the website has become the most unique cultural website in China. In 1998, the CFPA launched the “Humanity Photo Awards” to call upon photographers worldwide to record the heritage of the folk culture. It has received the patronage of UNESCO since 2000.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage