Centre For International Heritage Activities

Objectives and Mission: 

The CIE is an independent, non-profit organization for international knowledge exchange on the heritage of the European expansion and international heritage cooperation. The CIE is involved in the management of international heritage programmes and stimulates academic research on the heritage of the European expansion. The CIE focus is on international cooperation in the field of cultural heritage.

General description: 

CIE’s aim is realized by three pillars: International Network, Programme Development and Research. As such, the CIE strives to maintain and augment an extensive international network of experts in the field of international heritage management and research. The CIE acts as an intermediate in this network and offers technical assistance; heritage management and academic research where needed. Moreover, the CIE offers assistance and advice for the development of projects in the field of international heritage activities. The CIE initiates “best practice” projects and encourages new activities in the international heritage field. Finally, the CIE fosters academic research in the field of international heritage by actively encouraging the development of academic and theoretical frameworks in support of the practical work of heritage activities. The Centre stimulates and supports scholarly research programmes at universities and other relevant institutes and participates in university courses in international heritage.

Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Culture