Objectives and Mission: 

Casamémoire aims to safeguard the architectural heritage of the twentieth century in Morocco. Its main mission is to raise awareness of public opinion, professionals as well as institutional and private players to the diversity of the architectural heritage of Casablanca, which is the result of a mixture of Moroccan, Maghrebi, European and American influences.

General description: 

Casablanca Heritage Days - Open Days on remarkable buildings, including a day reserved for youth in the region of Grand Casablanca.
The People's University of heritage - A cycle of monthly lectures around heritage-related issues. Free access.
Organization of architectural and urban tours of different neighborhoods of Casablanca.
Realization of awareness material (maps, guides, fact sheets, junior citizens passports ...) available for free.
Managing of a cultural space in a suburb of Casablanca. The former slaughterhouse of Casablanca were rehabilitated in cultural factory in 2009 and are organized cultural and artistic events.
Development of registration application file to the inventory of the National Historic Sites and Monuments.
Realization of research and publications in the field of architectural heritage in particular under the Mutual heritage project (Euromed Heritage IV) on recent architectural and urban heritage in the Mediterranean world.
Publication of the guide of the twentieth century architectures of Casablanca and the Casamémoire review.

Field of Interest: 
Conservation, Cultural Heritage, Culture