Association Internationale Les Amis Des Musees D'egypte

Objectives and Mission: 

Its aims are to:
(i) establish and develop a movement of mutual assistance and experiential exchange (technical, training and equipment);
(ii) enlist human, technical and financial resources within enterprises and foundations for museum enhancement projects in Egypt;
(iii) encourage information flows and boost participation by the public at large and the media;
(iv) build partnership for operational projects in aid of museums;
(v) join efforts with other associations working to promote Egypt’s heritage;
(vi) contribute to the dissemination of publications, works and documents on Egypt’s heritage.

General description: 

The Association’s activities include scientific activities concerning the technical preservation of the heritage, training of supervisory staff in heritage promotion and promotional activities such as the holding of cultural weeks, exhibitions (at UNESCO, the Louvre Museum and the Grand Palais) and conferences.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Culture, Museum