Association Of Arab Universities

Objectives and Mission: 

To assist Arab universities in training individuals capable of serving the Arab nation and achieving its goals.
To work for the commitment of Arab universities to the values of the Islamic faith.
To consolidate cooperation between Arab universities and institutes of higher education and coordinate their efforts so as to achieve the ideals of the Arab nation
To raise the standard of academic research projects and encourage the exchange of findings.

General description: 

AARU organizes specialized seminars. It ensures the functioning of a large library. It also holds a triennial scientific conference in conjunction with its congresses. During the period under review, AARU organized thematic conferences in Jordan (1999), Lebanon (2000), Egypt (2001), Qatar (2003). Through the University of Yarmouk, AARU also published art annals.

Country Presence: 
United Arab Emirates
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Education, Higher Education, Scientific research