Association Of African Universities

Objectives and Mission: 

Founded in 1967 by African universities to promote cooperation among its members and between its institutions and the international academic community, the Association of African Universities represents the principal forum for consultation, information exchange and cooperation among universities in Africa.
To promote exchanges, contacts between African academic institutions and between those institutions in curriculum development and in the determination of equivalence of degrees
To promote cooperation among african institutions for the elaboration of study programmes
To encourage the development of contacts among its members and the international academic world
To develop the use of african languages

General description: 

Programmes and initiatives: Academic Staff Exchange Programme; African Universities Responding to HIV/AIDS; Developing Quality Assurance Systems in African Universities; Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (IFP); Leadership Development (LEDEV); Management Development (MADEV); Mobilization for Regional Capacity Initiative (MRCI); Quality Assurance Support Programme for African Higher Education; Research and Education Networking Unit (RENU); Roster of African Professionals (ROAP); Small Grants for Dissertations and Theses Programme; Study Program on Higher Education Management in Africa; AAU African Higher Education Excellence Award (AHEEA). Studies; workshops; seminars. Instrumental in setting up: African Quality Assurance Network.

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Databases, Education, Education for Peace, Gender Equality, Higher Education, HIV/AIDS, Information services, Languages, New technologies of information and communication, Sciences, Training, UNESCO Chair, University, Women