Building peace in the minds of men and women

Associated Country Women Of The World

Objectives and Mission: 

Raise [living standards] of [rural] women and families through education, training and community development projects; provide practical support to members, such as aid to women's groups to set up income-generating schemes; support educational opportunities for women and girls and eliminate [gender]-based discrimination; give rural women a voice at international level through links with UN agencies.

General description: 

Does not fund other UK charities. Priorities: status of women; status of the girl child; health; education; communication. Speaks for rural women at UN meetings and keeps the UN informed about the work and concerns of members; keeps members informed about UN developments and helps them identify areas where they can become involved in supporting or actively participating in UN initiatives. Supports development programmes in rural communities through Projects and Trust Funds: leadership and skill training; nutrition/education projects; literacy and basic education programmes, including family planning and HIV/AIDS awareness; small business initiatives and small-scale agricultural, income-generating schemes. Funds: ['Water for All'] - supports clean water and sanitation projects providing water tanks, bore wells and hand pumps; ['Women Feed the World'] - supports subsistence food production, cooperatives, training in appropriate agricultural techniques and credit savings schemes; ['Projects'] - supports projects worldwide to improve living conditions; ['Lady Aberdeen Scholarship'] - provides scholarships and courses in home economics, welfare and citizenship for leaders working in rural communities; ['Elsie Zimmern Memorial'] - supports advanced training in organization and leadership; ['Nutrition Education'] - promotes good nutrition, improved hygiene, food production and childcare. Organizes: World Conference (every 3 years), Area Presidents organizing Area Conferences during each triennium; capacity-building workshops.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS, Literacy, Women