Assistance To The Integration Of Demobilized Child Soldiers

Objectives and Mission: 

The objectives of AIDC are:
- To assist countries in their work to demobilize and disarm child soldiers, with the help of associates specialized in this type of action, (UNICEF, OMI…);
- To assist these countries in the rehabilitation and the reinsertion of these children into the economic and social structure of the country;
- To help these countries to find the necessary funds

General description: 

Promotional activities (conferences-debates, exhibitions, seminars and workshops) to alert public opinion and enlist support, promote new partnerships and mobilize resources to implement operational projects successfully. Appropriate educational (including intensive literacy work), civic, sports and cultural training, relevant and targeted technical and vocational training; establishment of hubs of development enabling the effective integration of these children and young people, preferably into rural areas, especially into cooperative and community villages.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Armed conflicts, Children, Education, Literacy