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Asian Media Information And Communication Centre

Objectives and Mission: 

The AMIC is a mass communication organization serving Asia and the Pacific from its secretariat in Singapore.
To promote the study of communication and its applications in the Asia-Pacific region within the broad framework of socio-economic progress.
To improve the quality, spread and accessibility of mass communication.
To encourage a greater sense of responsibility and professionalism among mass communication practitioners, researchers and scholars in the region.

General description: 

Documentation and Information Programme: collection of literature on communication in the Asia-Pacific; Coordinates Asia-Pacific Network of documentation centres and libraries; Compiles Asia-Pacific Communication Current Awareness List (APCCAL)
Publication Programme disseminates information on communication issues and developments through its bi-monthly Asian Mass Communication Bulletin (AMCB); quarterly journal, Media Asia; besides monographs and books. Publication of a CD-ROM and a book on "Rice in Asia: Lives of seven farmers" as part of the PRELUDE project. PRELUDE is a three-year project designed to help develop university instruction in Asia. It will produce a series of electronic teaching aids for colleges and universities in the region, with the collaboration and cooperation of scholars in the region.
Research Programme: studies and reports on the impact of communication in the region. activities, edits with the National University of Singapore the research-oriented bi-annual journal
Seminars and Institutional Development Programme: organizes seminars on communication issues; workshops for communication skills development; two annual conferences, one on communication issues and the other on education.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Information services, Library, Press, Training, University