Asia-Pacific Regional Network For Early Childhood

Objectives and Mission: 

ARNEC is a professional network established to build strong partnerships amongst those who work in the different sectors and disciplines concerned with early childhood development in the Asia-Pacific region. The goal of the Network is to promote optimal holistic development for all children in the Asia-Pacific Region in alignment with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The specific objectives of the Network are to strengthen advocacy, facilitate policy reviews, support research, and disseminate innovative practices in the field of early childhood at national and regional levels. 

General description: 

To achieve its mission and vision, ARNEC focuses on the following activity areas:$
Knowledge Generation: Facilitate the continuous analysis and synthesis of regional early childhood development (ECD) evidence and research, identify priority areas for further learning, and support strategic research activities.
Advocacy for Policy Change: Support national partners and members in their assessment and review of national early childhood policies, frameworks and implementation, and facilitate the exchange of models and tools from other contexts.
Information Management and Dissemination: Provide a platform for ECD professionals to share information and resources, ensuring these are easily accessible to all.
Capacity Building: Provide opportunities for professional development and learning related to ECD through strategic ARNEC events, external outlets, and strengthen national networks through targeted technical support.
Partnership Building: Build external partnerships and coalitions to create a supportive environment to leverage resources for ECD and ARNEC’s capacity to fulfil its mission

Field of Interest: 
Children, Education