Arterial Network

Objectives and Mission: 

The association wishes to participate in the development of a creative and vibrant African civil society committed to the promotion of quality in art. It has also undertaken to contribute to development, to poverty eradication and to the promotion of human rights and democracy in Africa.

General description: 

Arterial Network is a pan-African civil society network comprising artists, activists, organizations and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sectors. Operating in iver 40 countries across the continent, with five secretariats in place to strengthen and support the work of local chapters in each of the five regions Arterial Network is engaged in:
Information, data collection and dissemination through the website, monthly newsletters and social media;
The development of Cultural policy and theory through programmes such as the Cultural Plicy Task group including work on the Arts and Culture develoment Index;
Advocacy, particulary with regar tot he institutional framework to support the creative sector and to promote and defend the rights and interests of creative workers through various programmes including Artwatch Africa ( a programme that monitors the contravention of freedom of creative expression in Africa);
Networking, both on the continent and between the continent and other continents, particulary aiming to grow links with similar actors in the global south through the African Creative Economy Conference and African Festivals Network;
Building capacity through skills development, mentoring and related activities and
Mobilising resources to support the creation and distribution of African creative goods and services.

Country Presence: 
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Cultural Diversity, Culture