Art Education For The Blind / Art Beyond Sight Network

Objectives and Mission: 

AEB’s aim is to make art, culture and visual information accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. It provides and promotes the many important skill-building, educational, psychological, and quality-of-life benefits of art education, museum visits, and art-making for children and adults with sight loss, to give those who cannot see equal access to the world’s visual culture and the opportunity to experience the life-enhancing power of art. Art Beyond Sight Network is dedicated to making the visual arts play a vital role in the lives of people who are blind and visually impaired. It provides a forum for ongoing interdisciplinary dialogues among researchers and practitioners who share expertise and materials. On the local level, it assists museum professionals and educators, parents, artists, and art lovers in creating vehicles for lasting change in their communities.

General description: 

AEB publishes books and other educational materials on art history and how to make art accessible to the blind, including innovative print and multimedia educational publications, guides and teaching manuals, designed for museum professionals and educators, and unique, multimedia tactile, audio and computer-readable art publications. AEB’s annual Art Beyond Sight International Awareness Month is a series of special events, including exhibits, art education demonstrations, and conferences, which take place throughout the month of October at major museums, schools, libraries, and other educational and cultural institutions worldwide. AEB is at the forefront of advancing and disseminating knowledge and research on blindness, art, sensory perception and the capabilities of blind people, by bringing together professionals working in many different disciplines. The Art Beyond Sight Collaborative and the annual Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month, organized by AEB, is celebrated by museums and organizations on all continents.

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Field of Interest: 
Arts Education, Persons with Disabilities