Arab Thought Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

The Arab Thought Foundation was founded with a guiding mission to help advance the economic, social and cultural development of the Arab region. The Foundation believes that open and constructive dialogue between the business community, academic and civil society is imperative for the future development of the region. By sharing knowledge, nurturing creativity and building on this dialogue, practical solutions for the collective future of the Arab people can be forged.

General description: 

The Arab Thought Foundation hosts a program of events and youth-orientated initiatives throughout the year, across disciplines such as education, arts and culture, science and technology. The main activities of the Foundation include: Arab Creativity Award to encourage creativity and creative people in the Arab world in various fields; the issuance of Annual Arab Report on Cultural Development to address the reality of the cultural development in 22 Arab countries; Fikr Conference (the General Conference) held annually; Fikr” Initiatives and projects aiming at providing the Arab youth, through training and educational projects, with opportunities and basic skills for the twenty-first century. The Foundation also implemented various education and teaching projects, conferences and launched the project “one civilization” in order to promote the translation of books related to issues of development thinking..

Country Presence: